FFA Greenhand Members Compete In First Competition


Alex Pearson, Staff Writer

On Wednesday the 17th at Orestimba High School in Newman, California an FFA Opening Closing ceremony with the new teams of the Greenhand members competed against other schools in a competition. Greenhand members of the FFA are the entry rank, which includes the freshmen.


Hughson High School FFA was competing with different schools from around the county.


The opening closing ceremony consisted of three teams with six freshman on each team, each with a different role. The six roles were:(Left to right) Reporter, Vice-President, President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sentinel.


The teams were as so: Team 1; Victoria Perez as President, Celeste Crawford as Vice President, Mariah Earnest as Secretary, Alex Pearson as Sentinel, Taylor Scheuber as Reporter, and Abram Green as Treasurer.


Team 2: Douglas Shrader as President, Kirsten Larson as Vice President, Olivia Collins as Secretary, Salvador Avalos as Sentinel, Monica Ruiz as reporter, and Molly Tanis as Treasurer.


Team 3: Robin Seifkin as President, Matthew Espinola as Vice President, Adilene Zavala as Secretary, Seamus McKenzie as Sentinel, Hannah as reporter, and Sukhmit Bassi as Treasurer.


The coaches for the team were: Kelly Larson who is a teacher for the AG department, Mike Ellington who is also an teacher for the AG department, and Elizabeth Kinlaw who is a student teacher for the AG department.


The Hughson High School team had one person for the greenhand teams of Hughson to win an individual award and that was Sukhmit Bassi who won the award for treasurer. The advanced team for Hughson placed 3rd overall for the advance team.The chapter that won the ceremony for opening and closing for the greenhand teams was Pitman.