Husky in the Hot Seat -Arisvey Ramos

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Husky in the Hot Seat -Arisvey Ramos

Ciarra Bowerman, Staff Writer

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Husky in the Hot Seat: Arisvey Ramos

Ciarra-Would you rather have endless money of endless love ?

Arisvey- I would rather have endless love because I like the feeling of being surrounded by those who care about me, and like the old saying states, “Money can’t buy happiness,” including love.


Ciarra- Have you ever been in a car accident ?

Arisvey- I have not been in a car accident as of yet but the car engine has failed in the middle of the road once when I was driving. I am a new driver and I don’t know what is in store for me in the future… hopefully nothing bad.

Ciarra- What is your most frequently used emoji ?

Arisvey- The shut-eyed, grinning, toothy, smiling one… if that makes sense.


Ciarra- If you could live in any time period when would it be ?

Arisvey- If I could live in any era, I would choose the 50’s due to their exquisite fashion.


Ciarra-What is your astrological sign ?

Arisvey- My astrological sign is Virgo 🙂 I’m very patient!


Ciarra-If you could meet any celebrity who would it be ?

Arisvey- DYLAN O’BRIEN is my favorite celebrity!!!!! 💞♡


Ciarra- Which of your senses would you give up if you had to ?

Arisvey- I would give up the sense of touch because it would be the least important of the other senses… in my opinion.


Ciarra- If you could find out when you were going to die would you ? why or why not ?

Arisvey- NO! The reason for it is because I would become paranoid at the idea of my death day therefore I would miss out on the happy events that would be obscured by my paranoia.


Ciarra- What would you do differently if you were to go through highschool again ?

Arisvey- f I were to repeat high school once again, I would decrease the amount of AP classes I have taken so far, especially during my senior year.


Ciarra- Who is your greatest role model ? Why ?

Arisvey- My greatest role model is my dad, he has sacrificed so much for our well-being.


Ciarra- If you could live anywhere for the next 10 years where would it be ?

Arisvey- If I could live anywhere for the next ten years I would live in Egypt due to its compelling history.


Ciarra- What is something that never fails to make you smile ?

Arisvey- Some people that never fail to make me smile are my brothers and my two best friends Emily and Daffne.


Ciarra-What keeps you motivated throughout your day ?

Arisvey-Something that keeps me motivated throughout the day is the thought of going to bed at the end of it all. I like to take time and reflect on the events of the day.


Ciarra-Could you give me an example of an act of kindness you have commited and you are proud of ?

Arisvey- Act of kindnesses that I am proud and consistent on is praying for certain people going through hardships or tragic events.


Ciarra- What skill would you choose to master if you could instantly ?

Arisvey- If I could master any skill instantly, it would be the skill to communicate in sign language.


Ciarra-What is your dream career ? Why ?

Arisvey- My dream career is to become a marine biologist or astronomer because I enjoy learning new facts about the ocean and space; the amount of undiscovered areas in these two fields baffle me and drives me to become a part of the journey.


Ciarra-If you could live in any game or movie what would it be ?

Arisvey- If I could live in any movie it would be Harry Potter or The Maze Runner due to its adventurous plot.