Distance Learning Update: Student Perspective


Miranda Reynaga

Months into the school year Students are still struggling. with remote learning.

Miranda Reynaga , Staff Reporter

The first semester of the year is officially almost over. The semester has gone by pretty quick, but was stressful at first. Regardless, there have still been issues. At the beginning of the school year, Zoom experiences were rough, according to students. There were many technical difficulties, and there still are, but not as much as the first few weeks. Students were struggling with work and the amount of homework given. After these 10 or so weeks of Distance Learning, students have gotten used to the work routine and are not as overwhelmed as before. 

Many have been able to maintain good grades throughout the semester. Overall, this semester was pretty smooth. Kylee Crarry, a freshman, says, “It has been fine, I have kept good grades but I feel like I am not learning as much as I would be in class.” Distance Learning has us learning material with not as much potential in soaking in the information. Typically, the hardest subject to get a hang of and understand this semester was math. 

Due to the pandemic, we obviously still can’t do in person learning. This overall experience with learning at home has brought many of us to realize school was not just a scholarly, workplace. It was also a way to socialize with others outside of our homes. “I hate school” brought us to realize that we really don’t hate school. Kaylee Rogers says, “I actually might have said that I hated school last year.  I thought doing school at home would be fun but it got boring and lonely pretty fast. This changed my perspective of school so much!” After all of this, the vast majority of students say they still wish to return to school as soon as possible.