Husky in the Hot Seat: Alyssa Forshey


Fredy Castaneda, Staff Writer

Fredy Castaneda: Do you play any sports here

Alyssa Forshey: No


Fredy Castaneda: What do you like at school

Alyssa Forshey: I like the teachers I’ve had so far. They’re all really nice.


Fredy Castaneda: What’s your favorite subject and why 

Alyssa Forshey: My favorite subject is history. My APUSH class is really interesting.


Fredy Castaneda: If you had the opportunity to teach one subject what would it be and why 

Alyssa Forshey: If I had to teach one subject, it would be art because it’s not hard to teach and I really like that class.


Fredy Castaneda: What is your favorite holiday

Alyssa Forshey: My favorite holiday is New Year’s Day.


Fredy Castaneda: What kind of music do you like

Alyssa Forshey: I listen to like, everything. There’s not much that I’d tell someone to turn off.


Fredy Castaneda: What is your dream car 

Alyssa Forshey: My dream car is a 1979 triple white Volkswagen bug. Don’t ask why.


Fredy Castaneda: What is a hobby outside of school 

Alyssa Forshey: I play golf.


Fredy Castaneda: What do you plan to do after high school

Alyssa Forshey: I want to go to college, somewhere in SoCal.


Fredy Castaneda: If you could get rid of the bells between classes, would you? Why?

Alyssa Forshey: No, I don’t see the point of removing them.


Fredy Castaneda: Should the school have vending machines 

Alyssa Forshey: Yes, it’s just easy.


Fredy Castaneda: Which team games are the most fun to attend and why 

Alyssa Forshey: I like being at football games just for the experience, and hanging out with friends, but I think baseball is more interesting to watch.


Fredy Castaneda: Where do you see yourself in five years 

Alyssa Forshey: Honestly, probably living with my sister in SoCal, LA specifically. She needs help with rent.