Why do People Make Resolutions For The New Year?


Angela Bridgman, Staff Writer

As the New Year rings in, it’s time to create New Year’s Resolutions. It’s the start of new goals to set to better yourself and your life. Resolutions can be as simple as just saving money, exercising more, drinking more water, and going to the gym. In different situations they can be as hard as to stop doing something you have been doing your whole life. 

New Year’s Resolutions can mean different things to different people depending on what your resolution is. It can be the start of something new. As people say, “New Year New Me.” Miranda Reynaga says “I make resolutions because I want to make goals for myself.” Setting new goals for yourself is a great way to re-start and put the past behind you. 

Depending on what your New Year’s resolution is, that can mean a different bunch of things. Taylor Clawson says “I make a New Years resolution because at the end of the year I don’t feel unaccomplished.” Feeling accomplished for the year is a great feeling to have. During the year it feels better to have something to keep on track with. An example is setting a goal for yourself and making sure you are keeping track of your progress. 

When creating a New Year’s resolution you should think about yourself and how creating these goals will help you improve in your life. While moving forward with the new year make sure to remember to keep track of your goals so you can feel accomplished at the end of the year and have something to look forward to while bettering yourself.