Q&A With Volleyball Standout: Giana Martella


Conor McGill, Sports Chief

Q&A With Volleyball Standout: Giana Martella

Conor McGill: When did you start playing volleyball?

Giana Martella: I started playing volleyball when I was 11

Conor McGill: What made you want to start playing?

Giana Martella: My sister played volleyball so I wanted to follow in her footsteps and try it out

Conor McGill: How has playing volleyball affected the rest of your life?

Giana Martella: Since I started at a young age it has made me a very hardworking person

Conor McGill: Did anyone inspire you to play? If so, who?

Giana Martella: My sister inspired me to play

Conor McGill: Do you like volleyball more than any other sport? If so, why?

Giana Martella: I like volleyball more because I have played it the longest

Conor McGill: Do you plan on playing after high school?

Giana Martella: I hope to play maybe a JC, D2 or D3 college

Conor McGill: How do you prepare for a game?

Giana Martella: I go home make some healthy food, drink a chocolate milk and listen to “Eye of The Tiger”

Conor McGill: What position do you play?

Giana Martella: Outside and all the way around when needed

Conor McGill: What are some challenges you have face volleyball?

Giana Martella: Making sure we all are on the same page

Conor McGill: What do you like most about playing?

Giana Martella: I like the environment and working with people I get along with