Q&A With Football Guru: Dray Beltran


Conor McGill, Sports Chief

Q&A With Football Guru: Dray Beltran

Conor McGill: When did you start playing football?

Dray Beltran: I started playing football for the Hughson Youth Football in 2012.

Conor McGill: Who inspired you to start playing football?

Dray Beltran: The person that inspired me to play football was my uncle, he played football and was a really good running back for Ceres High back in the days.

Conor McGill: How has football affected your life?

Dray Beltran: Football has affected my life by making it the center of my life, everything I do just revolves around getting better and being involved in football. It’s such a huge part of my life that I wouldn’t be me without this sport.

Conor McGill: Do you plan on playing football after high school?

Dray Beltran: Yes I do plan on playing football after high school. I have been in the process of reaching out to college coaches some D3, a couple D2 and some NAIA schools.

Conor McGill: How do you prepare for a football game?

Dray Beltran: I prepare for a football game by getting my mind and body ready for the abuse it is going to take for that game. I get this positivity and confidence about myself that just helps throughout the game. A pack of Skittles before a game usually helps too.

Conor McGill: What is the normal Dray Beltran football routine before games?

Dray Beltran: The normal Dray Beltran routine before games is all mental preparations. I eat foods that won’t affect my performance so I stay sustained and I listen to music that gets me hyped up. Throughout the day I’ll eat a pack of Skittles, it’s my good luck.

Conor McGill: What position do you play?

Dray Beltran: I play a wide range of positions, but my main position is running back; on defense I can play outside backer and some corner-back as well.

Conor McGill: What are some challenges in football

Dray Beltran: Some challenges in football are how the team interacts after a bad play has happened at practice or during a game like the recovering after. Another challenge for me personally is my size difference to most players, but I usually get the better end of the stick.

Conor McGill: What is your favorite part about playing football?

Dray Beltran: Everything. The sweat, the tears, the hard work, losing, winning, the intensity, running when you feel like you’re about to throw up, having a great play, and the struggles. Everything about the game of football, I just love.

Conor McGill: How did you get the name “Beast Mode”?

Dray Beltran: Well I got the nickname “BEAST-MODE” from my second year of youth football. I was pretty decent but I hadn’t really been using that nickname until I reached my freshman year. I feel like that’s when I started to use the nickname more in high school years because I was always working harder than my teammates, no one out works me. I give my everything for the game. The hard work and dedication I’ve put in at practice and during games just solidifies the nickname even more for me I think.