School Newspaper Going Viral


Helen Husky, Staff Writer

Hughson High School’s newspaper, The PAW, has recently transformed its appearance by going to an online publication that can now be viewed around the world.  Previously, the publication was only being published in an online format, but could only be pushed out through Google classroom to Hughson High School staff and students.  “Being able to have our articles read by the entire community is very exciting for not only our school, but for the students that comprise the newspaper staff.  They have been working so hard to launch this new news platform and I am so proud of them,” Karalee Ruelas, the adviser of The PAW stated.

The other big change that  The PAW also made was to no longer have editions or monthly publications.  “The newspaper is now a living, breathing entity where stories can be featured as the news is happening,” Ruelas said.  The PAW staff hopes that these changes will allow the student body, as well as the community, to be able to see the activities that Hughson High School is involved in and the impact that many of the Hughson High School students are making on a daily basis.

Going to an online platform has also allowed The PAW to input sports schedules, sports rosters, and links to the Hughson High School sports team’s MaxPreps website. In order to reach the sports schedules, one must go to the Sports tab; the viewer will then be given the option to move the cursor over Scores and Schedules. Clicking on this feature allows the viewer to see all of the upcoming sporting events.

To see a roster for a specific sport on a desktop, readers and fans will need to click on “select a sport.”  Once the reader has determined which sport specifically they wish to view, they will be able to see the sport rosters. Readers can then click on “Profile” to see the MaxPreps statistics on the player they select.  On a mobile device, readers will be able to select and find the menu by hitting the three white lines found in the upper right-hand corner under the husky dog.   “I am very excited to see what the community will think of our new sports feature,” said The PAW Sports Chief Conor McGill.”I think our new website will be a good source for everything going on in Hughson.”