Jeff Denham speaks at LOH luncheon

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With a little over a month until the Congressional election, the Life of a Husky class (LOH) invited candidate Jeff Denham to speak at Hughson High School about leadership qualities and how they translate into a professional working environment as well as life.

Anthony Agueda, sophomore LOH student and Future Farmers of America (FFA) secretary, was the student who originally proposed the idea of having Denham come speak to the LOH class. On August 20, 2018 Anthony Agueda, along with two other FFA members, attended  the Water Rally in Sacramento with Ag teacher Mike Ellington and happened to walk past Denham during the rally.  Agueda asked the Congressman for a moment of his time and the small group began to discuss the challenges facing the agricultural community, especially in California’s central valley.

Agueda, inspired by his conversation with Denham, then contacted LOH advisor, Kaci Brazil, and Denham’s campaign manager, former Hughson High School graduate, Josh Whitfield. “I know his campaign manager Josh Whitfield, so I called him and we had back and forth emails until we finally found a time that worked,” explained Agueda, “I am interested in politics and a lot of the [LOH] class thought that it would be a good idea to bring [Denham] here.

From that point, the LOH class asked all of the coaches and club advisors to nominate students that they felt would not only enjoy a luncheon with the Congressman, but also were students who displayed leadership qualities in their areas. Sports, classes and clubs represented at the luncheon were FFA, LOH, Renaissance, HYLC (Hispanic Youth Leadership Council), HOPE (Helping Our Planet Earth) club, football, and KEY club.

“Attending the conference and meeting Jeff Denham was really cool.  I liked how he talked about the Air Force because I always wanted to be in the Air Force and seeing someone’s perspective about it was inspiring,” stated Anastasia Earnest, junior and KEY club member.

Brazil plans on having guest speakers become a regular part of the LOH program.  As more speakers are booked, more clubs and sports will have an opportunity to advance their leadership skills and learn how to become active citizens in their communities. “I am appreciative that he came and spoke about leadership and how it has helped him in Congress, ” Brazil explained, “LOH was provided the opportunity to allow leaders on campus to benefit from seeing how leadership can translate to future careers and civic responsibility.”