Conspiracy, Theory, or Reality?

Fredy Castaneda, Staff Writer

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Conspiracy, Theory or Reality?



Conspiracy #1, Courage The Cowardly Dog.

Courage the cowardly dog is actually a normal dog who sees the world through a dog’s eyes. All the “villains” that he sees are actually normal people, but he is always in his house which is making him hallucinate, but to the dog they seem scary. Some reasons are since his owners are too old and do not take him out on any walks, he only knows who his owners are and what is around his property. Everything beyond his home is not actually there because he has never seen anything else.


Conspiracy #2, Sugar Ray Robinson Fight.

Hall of fame boxer “Sugar Ray Robinson” had a dream the night before his fight that made him back out because of how intense it was. The dream was that the day of the fight when he was boxing his opponent he actually killed him. They had to get a priest and a minister to convince him to fight because he did not want to. They finally convinced him to fight and when he went into the ring to fight he actually killed his opponent. His opponent was Jimmy Doyle.


Conspiracy #3, The Cryptic Riddle

Back in 2012 A “Cryptic Riddle” showed up online, with it’s creator writing they were “Looking for Very Intelligent People.” No one knew its purpose, a few supposedly solved the riddle the first round, and many suspected that it was the CIA’s way of finding “People Perfect” for the organization, due to the the study of techniques for communication in the presence of third parties called “adversaries” and internet security knowledge necessary to move forward in the game.