It’s a tale as old a time…Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Helen Husky , Staff Writer

Hughson High 4th drama class had their first showing of Beauty and the Beast on Tuesday performing for the Hughson High School Renaissance students.

Mr. Thompson, Hughson High School drama teacher, said that this year the play Beauty and the Beast was chosen based on the appeal to the audience, that they had the resources, and because it had a wholesome family friendly message.

The Beauty and the Beast set took four weeks to design, build, and paint and cost approximately $6,000 dollars which will be recouped through ticket sales and through the partnership with Hickman Honor Choir.

“One of the things that helps us is we choose shows that Hickman Honor Choir can also perform.  We share costs. If it wasn’t for this relationship, we could not afford to do the shows we do, at the level we do them.  It takes $4,000 to $6,000 to produce each show. If the show portrays wealthy people (like Beauty and the Beast), the show is more expensive.  If the show portrays poor people (like Fiddler on the Roof), it is generally less expensive” Thompson stated.

For many years now, Thompson has partnered with Hickman Honor Choir teaching their students drama and performing the same plays as Hughson High School so the two schools can share a stage and costs.

Although 4th period drama performed for the Renaissance students, those who earned a 3.0 GPA or higher, 5th period drama also performed for many audiences.  Together the two periods performed a combined total of eight performances.

Many local schools were invited to see the play for free. The schools able to see the play were: Fox Road, Hughson Elementary, Hickman Charter School, Hickman Elementary, Hickman Middle School, Gratton, Roberts Ferry, and Hughson Christian.  The play was also open, for a fee, to the community on Saturday night for two performances.

To prepare for such lengthy roles, students prepared by rehearsing their lines and practicing the dances as the play was a musical.  Students rehearsed everyday in class as well as several out of class rehearsals.

Although not all students may have had the lead role, or get the role that they initially wanted, by the time roles had been assigned every student in Drama class played an important role in the play and had a part.

“I was very excited to actually have lines” said Meadow Wall, senior drama student.

Brad Thompson added, “Disappointment is natural and a healthy reaction to losing a part.  Most students feel disappointment, while at the same time feel happy for those that did get the part they wanted.  We have wonderful students. If our heart is in the right place, and we are working for the success of all, we are happy to serve and help the team, no matter what role we play.  We have some outstanding actors in the roles of magnificent magnifiers.”


Photographs taken by Enrique Ricaud – Hughson High School Yearbook Staff