Husky in the Hot Seat- Mr. Bullock

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Husky in the Hot Seat- Mr. Bullock

Alex Pearson, Staff Writer

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For this Husky in the Hot Seat, Staff Writer, Alex Pearson, interviewed Hughson High Teacher, Keith Bullock.

Alex Pearson: What do you like to do in your free time?

Mr. Bullock: I try to keep moving, I am not a big on watching a TV show kind of a guy. First choice would be spending time with the family, either going camping, road trips or just hanging out in the backyard doing the poultry thing. I have a 69 Fiat Spider that I am trying to restore and get back on the road, and I will spend a hour here and there working on that.  Of course, racing the new Corvette is going to be a blast this weekend.


Alex Pearson: What made you want to become a teacher?

Mr. Bullock: I know that it sounds funny, but I really want to make a difference. I want to be an educator that when students look back and think about Bullock, “You know he cared about my success.”


Alex Pearson: What are some things you don’t enjoy doing?

Mr. Bullock: I HATE meetings. I am a doer person, send me a text message, send me an email and I will get it done. We do not need to talk it to death.


Alex Pearson: What has been your best Halloween costume?

Mr. Bullock: Best costume – 6th grade – I was the headless horseman. Black box with a black dyed sheet on top of my head. My head was an orange jack n lantern that I carried under my arm. Won first place at my elementary school, but It was tough to trick or treat because I could not see and I kept tripping.


Alex Pearson: What is your favorite word or saying?

Mr. Bullock: Yeppers


Alex Pearson: If you had to have one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

Mr. Bullock: Taco Bell, great food, but soooo many calories and really not that healthy for you.


Alex Pearson: If you had any advice to give to your 18-year old self what would it be?

Mr. Bullock: My 18 year old self, hah. I knew everything. I wish I would have listened to the advice of the adults of my life


Alex Pearson: If you could instantly become a master at any skill what would it be?

Mr. Bullock: Patience is a skill that I am still working on, I am waaaay more patient than I use to be, but sometimes I just want to say, “Don’t you get it”


Alex Pearson: What were your favorite things that you accomplished last year?

Mr. Bullock: Key Club got the Peace Pole up on campus. Inside the classroom I updated my semester in Geography and got away from the old Geography textbooks


Alex Pearson: What are some of your pros and cons of being a teacher?

Mr. Bullock: Pros – working with young people and seeing them be successful / Cons – working with young people and seeing them making easily avoidable mistakes


Alex Pearson: What was your favorite thing to do growing up?

Mr. Bullock: Before high school – I was always outside, riding bikes, playing football or swimming. High school – church youth group, running teams and DANCES


Alex Pearson: What was the transition from Principal to Teacher like?

Mr. Bullock: I was an assistant principal for 4 years. A teacher gets to interact with good or bad students much more than administration. Unfortunately administration is bombarded with students that have made poor choices. I feel very lucky to interact with the great students here at Hughson High.


Alex Pearson: If you could teach any subject besides State Requirements and geography what would it be?

Mr.  Bullock: If we are dreaming about the ultimate teaching assignment, that would be Junior history, but we already have an awesome teacher at that position.


Alex Pearson: Who was your role model growing up?

Mr. Bullock: It would be my dad. My dad is the hardest working person that I have known. We did not always get along, but I am a stronger person because of him.


Alex Pearson: Why do you choose to offer a lot of extra credit?

Mr. Bullock: Extra Credit – there is soooo much more to school than the subject matter being taught in classes. Getting out there and trying new things, using people skills. If students want to supplement their grade with extra credit, so be it. I want my students to be successful.