3 Years In a Row – Hughson Wins Red Ribbon Week

Conor McGill and Helen Husky, Staff Writers

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For the third consecutive year in a row, Hughson High School has captured the Stanislaus County Red Ribbon Week competition.

Schools across the county were put to the task to demonstrate that their school is the best in spirit, decorations, and the best at providing drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention education. The schools were then judged on the following categories: Parent and community involvement (15 points of the scoring rubric), Whole school theme (20 points of the scoring rubric), Activities throughout the week (15 points of the scoring rubric), and a portfolio submitted to the judges displaying the school’s activities for that week (25 points of the scoring rubric).

This year Hughson High School had many activities that took place throughout the week.  The Life of a Husky class presented throughout the district to younger grades, all of the clubs on campus ran activities and games, the choir, band, drama, jazz band and guitar club also performed throughout the week.  PHAST club and Renaissance were responsible for the decorations both in town and around the campus as well as coordinating all of the events that took place.

The week also consisted of fun dress up days integrated with the theme ¨Life´s Your Journey Travel Drug-Free.¨ The dress-up days as followed Monday “Don’t Let Drugs Make You Sleep Through Life” Pajama Day, Tuesday “You Don’t Want To Learn The Lesson Drugs Teach You” Dress Like An HHS Teacher, Wednesday “Don’t Pair With Drugs Pair With A Friend” Famous Pairings, Thursday “Throw Drugs Back” Throwback Thursday and Friday “Have A Golden Life Free Of Drugs” Black And Gold.

“This week is always a really big week for our school because every student on campus is involved in helping us win in one way or another,” Karalee Ruelas, the coordinator of the week said.

Hughson High School PHAST members said they are eager to continue the winning streak for the 2019-2020 school year.

“I have faith that we will continue this winning streak after I graduate,” Marcos Martinez, Senior Renaissance and PHAST club member said, “Students are always eager to get involved with our activities and have a great time in doing so.”