Q&A with Wrestler: Gabe Bargas

Conor McGill , Staff Writer


Gabe Bargas Wrestling Interview – with Conor McGill


Conor McGill: When did you first start wrestling?

Gabe Bargas: When I was five years old.


Conor McGill: Did anyone inspire you to wrestle,if so,who?

Gabe Bargas: My dad


Conor McGill: Has wrestling affected your life in any way?

Gabe Bargas:  It taught me not to take things for granted, hard work, and grit.


Conor McGill: What do you like the most about wrestling?

Gabe Bargas: How hard you work determines on how good you perform, and of course taking the W.


Conor McGill: How do you prepare for a match?

Gabe Bargas: I visualize myself wrestling my opponent and what moves I want to do so I can achieve what I want accomplish.


Conor McGill: What are usually your techniques to take your opponent down?

Gabe Bargas: I like Hi-crotches a lot, but snap downs are my favorite way to get an opponent to the mat.


Conor McGill: What match are you looking forward to the most this season?

Gabe Bargas: I don’t really know if I have a match in mind, but maybe my rematch of last year’s divisional finals.


Conor McGill: In your opinion how does wrestling fair against other teams in the TVL this season?

Gabe Bargas: I think we have a good team with tons of work ethic, so I’m expecting at least a top 3 finish in TVL.