Helen’s Help


Helen Husky, Staff Writer

Dear Helen,

I want to ask my crush to formal in a creative and unique way, but I cannot seem to come up with any ideas. All of my friends have dates to the dance and I do not want to be the only one in the group who is there alone. I am the last of my friends to man up and decide to offer my company at the winter dance. This proposal has to be perfect in order to get the most beautiful girl in school to choose me as her date. What should I do?


Last Man Standing


Dear Last Man Standing,

Although I think it is a great idea to ask your crush to the dance, you should not be pressured to find a date just because your friends have their own. The only thing that can hold you back from having a good time is your own free will. Going into a situation with a positive and diverse mindset will give you an advantage regardless. If you want to impress this girl, you could research ideas on the internet for ¨formal proposals¨ and hunt for an innovative idea. Some examples that I have found intriguing are posters with puns or bold quotes on them, serenades, letters/notes, or something the person likes (ex. Starbucks, dogs, flowers). As long as you ask with confidence, expect the worst, and hope for the best, you will have your best shot possible.