December Horoscopes

Ciarra Bowerman, Staff Writer

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December Horoscopes

Aries- December is going to be a great month to move on from your past and tie up any loose ends that may have been pondering on your mind. This month you should make an effort to create a game plan for your future. Stop letting yourself worry over elements that do not benefit you. The full moon on the 22nd will represent strong emotions and family ties for you. The only cooperation you must put in is to be present in the moment. The obstacles that you encounter in the  mid-month will provide you with a sense of clarity by the end of December. You will be urged to create a new perspective in order to understand some complex situations that might come up on your plate. You should dedicate this month to regaining your perspective and creating a better reality for yourself through the thoughts that you plant into your mind.

Taurus- You might seem to be super spirited and motivated at the beginning of this month. Try to hold onto this mindset as you enter into the mystic month of December. This month is a great time to pursue any romantic relationships or financial opportunities. Be ready to take a step back and strategize a plan for yourself because by the end of the month you will be breaking through barriers you might not have even known were there. You may encounter some mixed signals in the beginning of this month but in order to get to the bottom of an unpleasant situation you must take time to gather facts and get back on track.

Gemini- This month will be a great time to become aware of the non-beneficial thinking patterns that you have learned over the course of your time. In December you will realize how important it is to recognize that your mind is not who you are. Your thoughts come from the outside world and attach themselves onto a seed in your consciousness. Do not lose sight of the fact that your body is only a mechanical device to live your life through. Do not lose sight of the blessings that make you want to see another day. This month you will feel power over your own emotions again. Observe your thoughts as they come and go. Do not acknowledge them by fighting them off or by commenting on each one. Recognize that you can create your own reality. New channels of creativity are going to open up to you by the middle of the month. Try your best not to stress over any decision making or situations you cannot control, just believe that the universe will lead you where you need to be.  

Cancer- This month will be all about learning which patterns are healthy for your growth as a being and which are not. Instead of stressing over the future you need to live your life day by day this month. This way you can focus on your feelings and aspirations as they come and go. Your relationships this month will flourish and you will begin to realize the aspects of each one that benefit you and the ones that could use some improvement. December 12th-14th will be the toughest days of the month for you but do not let your crabiness get in the way of your passion to see bliss and love. The day after Christmas the full moon will take place and it will be completely beneficial to dedicate this time to your family. You will most likely meet some new friends that you will have the opportunity to take care of and nourish by the end of this month.

Leo- Expanding on your thinking and your sense of communication will be major themes in your life this month Leo. In December you will realize that you have been limiting the expansion of your mind. You have to know the self enough to realize that there is more to reality than what your five senses can pick up. The presence of materialistic Venus will bring you to encounter many romantic opportunities. Throughout this transformation you must keep yourself in touch with the fact that your actions will have effects on people other than yourself.

Virgo- The month of December will be a great time to spend less time on our old habits and develop new habits that benefit the person that you are becoming. You must keep in mind that you are constantly changing and the past will never come to the surface of the present again. Realize that you cannot connect the dots looking into the future. The only way to connect the dots is to look back into the past. At the beginning of the month you will be struck with inspiration and new ideas that will expand your levels of creativity and self-expression. While you may love order and pattern, surprises will have an important role to play in your passionate thoughts this month. You must learn to be satisfied with your own wisdom and truth and expect nobody to understand it.

Libra- Jupiter is reaching the halfway mark in your sun sign where it shall stay for another 10 months. You will reach a peak of communication through teaching, speaking, and writing. Mercury, the planet of communication, may have you tongue tied for words but a reliable coping mechanism for this disability is to communicate your feelings through the gift of written words. Do not let this disadvantage frustrate you, but instead take it as an opportunity to learn something and expand your senses. The last week of the month could be a great opportunity to tie up any loose ends with family miscommunications or issues in general. Keep in mind that everything that has happened this month will make sense in the end and you will realize that the universe is working in your favor.

Scorpio- The transit of Venus and Mars through your sun sign will begin this month. Your intensity and passion will reach a peak that you might not have expected or prepared for. This month is known to be the merriest month of them all. Take time to appreciate the things that you have been given and the things you have to give. If you take this month seriously it could teach you many lessons on forgiveness, tolerance, and the understanding of others. Do not be afraid of being solitary because you are already alone. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Realize that your words and actions have great impact to those around you. Your energy can be used as a tool to heal or to destruct. At the end of this month take up the opportunities you have to freely explore these powers you obtain.

Sagittarius- It is the time for Jupiter to arrive at the midpoint of your houses. Since Jupiter is the ruler of your sign, this is the time to improve on your imagery of the ¨big picture¨ in life. In the beginning of this month you could enter some situations where your first instinct is to respond with an open attitude. Use this advantage to expand on your open mind and perspective. Saturn, the teacher of life lessons, will be keeping watch over your eighth house this month. Your strategy for inspiration this month is grounding you so keep a reality check on your actions and priorities. Be aware of your impact on the people around you and try to keep a positive energy as you go throughout this month.

Capricorn- In the first week of this month you will come to see that many creative opportunities are arising for you, Capricorn. If you have talents in the fields of art or healing, this month would be a great time to recognize these things and expand on them. This could also be an opportunity to explore career options that follow along the lines of those passions. Work on creating healthy boundaries between the people in your life and letting down unhealthy boundaries you have for yourself. Believe in magic this month because if you do, you will start to see some miracles work their way into your life. This month the planet Saturn will play a large role in rebuilding relationships that will cause tension within you. The need for mutual understanding is very important to you this month and you should renovate your relationships to apply to these needs.

Aquarius- This month you will begin to recognize some new talents that you did not know you were capable of before. Highlights this month will be centered on health and healing. You may come across job opportunities that can lead you onto the destined path that you chose for yourself. The Saturn retrograde will force you to consider your life path this month. It will be a great period of time to solve any health issues, focus on a healthy diet, and start a balanced exercise routine. You might be able to recognize some uncertainties within your career this month, but with Saturn ruling your house of spirits, you should seek to find the solutions to your problems. Realizations that you will come across at the end of the month will bring your a sense of clarity and an open mind. You never know what connections you might make that will change your perspective forever.

Pisces- Creativity and freedom will be themes that bring you abundance this month. The retrograde of Saturn into your fifth house will help you develop strategies to bring out your creative side. Saturn will bring you what you have been seeking by the end of Spring. You will be guided to fulfillment and content by the end of this month. Your creative side will flourish bringing you new opportunities and new forms of meditation. The energy around you will provide you with healing as well as freedom from stress formed over components you cannot control. Jupiter in your eighth house represents you with the opportunity to expand your consciousness and intuition. Be careful not to get caught up into drama, instead choose to vibrate on a higher frequency. With vibrations come vibrations and you must decide whether they come with negative energy or positive energy.