Q&A with Soccer Player: Isaac Mendez

Alex Pearson, Staff Writer

Isaac Mendez, soccer interview with Alex Pearson.


Alex Pearson: How did you get into soccer?

Isaac Mendez: It is the only sport I decided to play.


Alex Pearson: Who is your role model in soccer?

Isaac Mendez: Keisuke Honda


Alex Pearson: What are some things to expect while playing soccer?

Isaac Mendez: Improve myself physically


Alex Pearson: When did you start playing soccer?

Isaac Mendez: When I was eight.


Alex Pearson: What do you struggle with in soccer?

Isaac Mendez: Communication with my teammates


Alex Pearson: Will you try out for soccer next year?

Isaac Mendez: Yeah, definitely.


Alex Pearson: What do you do to get ready for a game?

Isaac Mendez: Warm myself up.


Alex Pearson: Do you have someone that has really helped you out for soccer?

Isaac Mendez: Yahir Hernandez


Alex Pearson: What is something that motivates you to do good in soccer?

Isaac Mendez: A scholarship, and to improve myself.


Alex Pearson: Are you planning on doing soccer after High School?

Isaac Mendez: Yeah, I am going to do soccer afterwards.