Helen’s Help


Helen Husky , Staff Writer

Dear Helen,

   My girlfriend and I recently broke up, and I don’t know what to do. I am sad, yes but I have recently found out that another girl likes me, and plot twist, it’s her best friend!! I don’t wanna jump into another relationship so early, but at the same time, I miss being in one. Should I ask her out to make her happy, or should I wait until I am ready to jump into another relationship?


Lost Hope


Dear Lost Hope,

Don’t worry, breakups are always hard, however, I don’t think you should hop into another relationship immediately after you break up with someone. When you break up, it usually means there’s something that happened in your relationship that made you two drift away from one another. I would suggest you wait before you hop into the next and evaluate yourself. Sure if you hopped into the next one you will make a girl happy, but the person that matters is you. You have to make sure you’re ready before you make the same mistakes. I hope you take this advice to heart!



Helen Husky