Life After Hughson High: Jessica Garcia

Jessica Garcia gets in formation ready to pick up the ground ball

Conor McGill , Sports Chief

Life After Hughson High: Athlete Edition

Featuring: Jessica Garcia


For many athletes at Hughson High, the hope of playing sports beyond high school may seem like a far fetched dream. But little do they know, Hughson has had many athletes go on to play college and professional sports. In this first of its kind edition, we take a look at those athletes who have made their mark in the sports world beyond high school.


Playing softball since the age of five and making big strides in college is Jessica Garcia, a Hughson High Alumni of the Class of 2015.


Garcia, in her high school years, was a vibrant outgoing and charismatic student who not only was heavily involved in sports, but also in academics and extracurricular activities.


“There are students that come along every so often that are unforgettable,” said English teacher Karalee Ruelas. “And for me, Jessica was one of those students.  She was vibrant and funny and you knew she had a drive and passion that was going to stay with her throughout her life. She was a girl you knew would do great.”


Garcia was a respected student on and off of the field by both her peers and the staff of Hughson High School.


“Jessica was a good citizen and friend to all. She was an all-around kind of kid who was a great example of what students should display,” said Hughson High Principal Debra Davis.


In Garcia’s time with Hughson High, the softball team came away with four D5 Section titles posting a (94-12-1) record overall. Her high school career stats include 123 runs, 130 RBI’s (runs batted in), 11 HR’s (home runs), 50 SB’s (stolen bases) and 128 PO’s (put outs).


“Those four years were so special because we had a lot of talent and we grew up playing with each other or even against each other,” said Garcia. “We loved every minute of being on the field with one another because we all got along great and we all had the same mindset of getting to the section finals.”


Garcia could have chosen any school, but the choice was clear when she took a visit out to Oregon State.


“What stood out most to me the most was the community. Everyone is really tight-knit and supportive of all the sports,” said Garcia. “The campus is so beautiful which makes everything that much more enjoyable. I did have other offers, but I knew that after visiting there, I knew that I wanted to call it home.”


Now four years later after graduating from Hughson High, Garcia enters her senior season looking to continue to play the sport she loves. Currently, Garcia has 74 runs, 33 RBI’s (runs batted in), 34 SB’s (stolen bases) and 203 PO’s (put outs) .


¨Playing in the PAC 12 is a constant grind. Everyone is extremely talented and won’t go down without a fight,¨ said Garcia. ¨There is never a day off. The PAC 12 is one of the toughest conferences in the country so that alone will tell you how difficult it is.¨


Not only do her fellow teammates have a lot of great things to say about her, but also her Oregon State softball head coach Laura Berg.


¨I’m really excited about Jessica’s senior year. She’s really grown from her freshman year,¨ said Berg. ¨She’s an explosive kid who can lead this team and get them excited in the dugout with a big hit or defensive play. She’s been a pleasure to work with.¨


With the 2019 Oregon State Softball season fast approaching, we at The Paw cannot wait to see what Garcia has in store for her senior season.