2018 Mr Husky

Fredy Castaneda and Helen Husky, Staff Writers

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On December 14, 2018, Hughson High School once again crowned a Mr. Husky contestant and this year’s 2018 Mr. Husky winner was senior Trace Huber. Mr. Husky is a spoof on Miss America that tests twelve male contestants on their formal wear, talent ability, and the thematic chosen element for the year- this year’s theme was 80’s movies.


Every year the show opens with a formal wear competition with tuxedo’s donated by Rossini’s formal wear. Each of the boys showed off their unique styling with tuxedos that varied from head to foot with styles such as all white tuxes and varying unique color combinations and styles.


The show then featured the talents of each of the twelve contestants.   Mr. July – Connor Hahn, junior, sang the Star Spangled Banner. Mr. March – Garrett Casteel, senior, sang Hallelujah Bowser Style. Mr. June – Murphy Phillips, senior, played the guitar and sang “Yesterday” by the Beatles. Mr. September – Trace Huber, senior, trained to Eye of the Tiger.

Then Mr. November – Jacob Hansen, freshman, performed a dancing and singing number. Mr. August – Tanner Clayton, senior and Hughson’s only swim team member, did the Individual Medley on a skateboard. Mr. December – Jace Fife, freshman, played on the piano a “River Flows Through You” and Mr. May – Austin Hoach, senior, did a magic trick.

Finally, the show finished with Mr. February – Devin Moore, senior, playing the guitar and singing an original piece.  Mr. October – David Brussow, junior, playing the Harmonica to Star Wars. Mr. April – Kevin Barajas, senior, playing a Christmas sing-along on his trumpet and Mr. January – Miguel Ramos, senior, dancing the “Danza de los Viejitos.”


Each of the contestants then performed a scene from differing 80’s movies.  They ranged from classic movies such as ET and Star Wars to cult classics like Ferris Buller’s Day Off and The Never Ending Story. 


“The 80’s movie scenes this year were really good,”  said Karalee Ruelas, coordinator of the event. “The kids really put a lot of effort and time into their costumes, so they looked great.”


This was Trace Huber’s third time competing for the title of Mr. Husky.  Every year he returned to the event, he placed higher in the rankings. Trace revealed that he figured out the key to winning was enthusiasm, confidence, and to have fun all the while believing in yourself.


“It felt like I proved my haters wrong and felt insanely excited,” said Trace Huber.  “I also showed you do not need to have a great talent, you just need to have passion.”