Q & A with Basketball Player Kenzie Langley


via Conor McGill

Fredy Castaneda, Staff Writer

via Conor McGill

Fredy Castaneda: What got you into the sport basketball?

Kenzie Langley: In middle school, my friends played so I wanted to do it also


Fredy Castaneda: How long have you been playing

Kenzie Langley: 6 years


Fredy Castaneda: Do you see this being something you do in the future

Kenzie Langley: I hope so, maybe in college or for fun ( At Chico or Stan )


Fredy Castaneda: What age did you start playing?  

Kenzie Langley: I started practicing at 8 years old and playing in games at 12


Fredy Castaneda: What is the best thing about playing the sport?

Kenzie Langley: The teammates and the girls I play with


Fredy Castaneda: What is a Challenge you face within playing basketball?

Kenzie Langley: Trying not to get frustrated with myself


Fredy Castaneda: What is your favorite memory playing basketball?

Kenzie Langley: Going back to back undefeated champs


Fredy Castaneda: What is your meal prep before the game?

Kenzie Langley: I eat 2 mangoes before the game.


Fredy Castaneda: What is your warmup song that you play every time?

Kenzie Langley: Crank that by Soulja Boy


Fredy Castaneda: Is there anything else you would like to add to this interview?

Kenzie Langley: I would like to thank the program and Tim [the coach] for four great years. I am really going to miss the school and playing the game.