Q & A with Tennis Player Marc Valdez


Fredy Castaneda, Staff Writer


Fredy Castaneda: How many years have you been playing tennis for?

Marc Valdez: Three years.


Fredy Castaneda: What made you want to start playing the sport?  

Marc Valdez: Some of my friends played so I wanted to try it, and I also wanted to play multiple sports.


Fredy Castaneda: Do you like playing singles or doubles?

Marc Valdez: Doubles because you have more communication with someone, singles is good to play if you trust yourself to play good.


Fredy Castaneda: If you could mythical wizard who would you be?

Marc Valdez: Ron because I am kinda clumsy and cannot remember spells.


Fredy Castaneda: How do you keep up with the game?

Marc Valdez: I tend to focus and make sure I don’t lose my temper, I also study my opponents.


Fredy Castaneda: If you could be any movie character who would you be and why?

Marc Valdez: Kevin hart because he’s funny.


Fredy Castaneda: What stroke is your best stroke?

Marc Valdez: My best stroke is my forehand stroke.


Fredy Castaneda: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Marc Valdez: My strengths would be my serving and my weakness would be the net game.


Fredy Castaneda: Do you plan on playing in college and if so which college?

Marc Valdez: Yes I plan on playing in MJC for now.


Fredy Castaneda: What is your favorite tennis memory?

Marc Valdez: Winning first place in Boys second doubles.


Fredy Castaneda: If you had a million dollars what would you do with that money handed to you?

Marc Valdez: I would go to school and Whatever I have left use it on a house and a car.