Academic Decathlon Heads to State

Xavier Pablon, Staff Writer

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Once again, Hughson High Academic Decathlon team and advisor Paul Michaelis brought home for the third year a Stanislaus County Academic Decathlon Meet win securing them a spot in the state competition, which will be held on Saturday, March 9, 2019.


The decathletes competed against 14 other schools at Johansen High School.  Hughson’s team won a total of 53 metals at the competition, whose theme was the 60s, A large portion of medals won were gold medals. The Academic Decathlon team placed first all-around and came home with a win of over 2000 points, a huge point difference lead.

One may ask, what has led them to such great success? One of the students within the academic decathlon class relayed the excessive amounts of time and energy that these students put in, in order to prepare for this competition.


“I would say that our success as a class has come from our dedication and hard work. You definitely have to want to be in the class because it’s a lot of hard work. Every week we receive two presentations from someone in the class so that the information is drilled into our brains,” said Abigail Holloway, senior. “We take Saturdays to practice together, and spend at least one-hour doing homework for this class a night.”


This win was not merely handed to the decathletes; they accomplished this feat through hard work and perseverance


Hughson High School Academic Decathlon class wants to carry on its legacy of success into the future.


“If your interested in joining there will be a meeting at the end of the year where I will talk about our topic and would love to see anyone there who is interested,” Mr. Michaelis, advisor recommends to students who might be interested in Academic Decathlon next year.