Husky in the Hot Seat: Vanessa Langan


Fredy Castaneda, Staff Writer

Fredy Castaneda: How did you get into softball?

Vanessa Langan: I got into softball at a young age, around 4 years old and I’ve been playing ever since.


Fredy Castaneda: How long have you been playing for?

Vanessa Langan: About 14 years.


Fredy Castaneda: Do you want to do softball in college?

Vanessa Langan: Yes, I’m talking to a few NAIA schools right now.


Fredy Castaneda: What is your meal prep before a game?

Vanessa Langan: To be honest with you it varies, but I try to have a small snack like trail mix or nuts but if I’m hungry, then I opt for a turkey sandwich.


Fredy Castaneda: What is the best thing about softball?

Vanessa Langan: Hitting and just getting hyped in the dugout.


Fredy Castaneda: If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

Vanessa Langan: I would want to have super speed so I could get to the ball faster


Fredy Castaneda: What position do you play?

Vanessa Langan: I play all of outfield.


Fredy Castaneda: Do you like any other sports besides softball?

Vanessa Langan: I love watching baseball.


Fredy Castaneda: Do you have any dreams of playing in the future?

Vanessa Langan: I hope to play softball in college and branch off of that.


Fredy Castaneda: Was this a sport you always liked growing up?

Vanessa Langan: I’ve always loved softball. There were always small moments when I wanted to quite but I didn’t because quitters never get anywhere in life and I ended up loving the game even more.