Election Votes Are In

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Election Votes Are In

Alex Pearson

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It’s election time and the votes are in, as Hughson High welcomed the newest officers for the 2019-2020 school year. The speeches of the candidates were held on May 1st and the election was held on May 2nd, giving the students time to think about their decisions and which candidate they thought would represent them best next school year. The results were then announced at the end of the school day on May 2nd.


The new Associated Student Body (ASB) Officers are as follows: Margarita Ramos as President, Katelyn Gonzalez as Vice President, Kylie Sullivan as Secretary, Emma Pohl as Treasurer, Rylie Aguilar and Joelle Dowdy as Homecoming Commissioners, Vanessa Langan and Katie Thornsberry as Rally Commissioner, Delaney Serpa and Emma Tomlinson as Spirit Commissioners, Maddy Keo as Board Member Representative, Anthony Agueda as Public Relations.


“ASB plans events, community service activities, and are responsible for maintaining the budgets of various groups on campus,” said Kaci Brazil. “The elections went well, we were able to elect most positions and if anyone is still interested in being part of student council there is still a couple of offices that are still available.”


ASB plans school-wide events and then there are grade level candidates that plan grade level events. Those elections were also held and the results are in from those elections as well. The Senior Class Officers are Caleb Thornhill as Senior Class President, Ian Kerr as Senior Vice President, Brianna Campos as Senior Class Secretary, Jared Muirhead as Senior Class Treasurer, Giana Martella as Senior Class Representative.


Junior Class Offices are: Madilynn Coelho as Junior Class President, Maicy Lawrence as Junior Class Vice President, Grace Pike and Melissa Araiza as Junior Class Secretary, Henais Estrada as Junior Class Treasurer, Dakota Peters and Gurneel Singh as Junior Class Representative.


Sophomore Class Offices are: Abigail Monroe as Sophomore Class President, Susanna Flora as Sophomore Class Secretary, Francisco Barrios as Sophomore Class Treasurer, Holland McGuire as Sophomore Class Representative.


 Natalya Vargas who ran for Sophomore Class Treasurer stated, “I was very anxious but I had a lot of fun campaigning.”


Congratulations to all of the newly elected officers.