Husky in the Hot Seat: Kaci Brazil


Fredy Castaneda, Staff Writer

Fredy Castaneda: Did you create LOH?

Mrs. Brazil: Yes, it is year five of the program, and I got the idea when Mr. Thompson came to me with a program called Life of an Athlete; I thought it should be student-led, and to make it happen I needed a class.


Fredy Castaneda: What’s your favorite cartoon?

Mrs. Brazil: The Smurfs


Fredy Castaneda: What’s your favorite thing about Hughson High?

Mrs. Brazil: My students and the people I work with


Fredy Castaneda: What would the students be surprised to find out about you?

Mrs. Brazil: I milked cows as a kid


Fredy Castaneda: What is your dream vacation?

Mrs. Brazil: Hawaii


Fredy Castaneda: How do you show school spirit?

Mrs. Brazil: I wear black and gold every Friday and my pajamas are even black and gold


Fredy Castaneda: What’s the best/ worst thing about being a teacher?

Mrs. Brazil: Best: Working with students that want to learn Worst: students who don’t care or don’t realize their potential


Fredy Castaneda: Which other teacher’s class would you enroll in even for a day?

Mrs. Brazil: Mrs. Ruelas; I think her Multicultural class would be interesting  


Fredy Castaneda: Does technology make teaching more difficult or simple?

Mrs. Brazil: Makes it easier and grading easier and pushing assignment to kids out easier