Rally Exceeds Expectations

Helen Husky

Sadie Padilla and Helen Husky , Senior Editor and Staff Writer

Today, Hughson High Leadership held their first rally of the year in the Hughson High School gymnasium and had the student body on their feet. The rally was full of fun as varying staff members were pitted against one another in the annual staff lip sync battle and students were pitted against each other in volleyball and tug of war games.  


After an exciting performance from Hughson High’s cheer team who started the rally off, the staff lip sync battles began. 


Throwing giant beach balls into the audience, the office staff filled the crowd with cheers and laughter as the beach balls were wildly tossed around the bleachers from student to student.  While the beach balls flew around the gym, the office staff had choreographed and danced to the popular song “Baby Shark,” by Pinkfong. The members of this group included Assistant Principal Natalie Moring, Learning Director Marnie Smith, Attendance Clerk Shawn Jacobs, Registrar Denise Scott, Counselor Norma Teague, Campus Supervisor Julian Padilla, Cheerleading Coach Monica Heilman, and Principal’s Secretary Carla Reed. 


“Because I have close to 20 years of cheerleading experience, I have a strong desire to conquer the lip sync battle,” explained Natalie Moring.  “In high school, I was voted “Most Spirited” by my class. This has enabled me to rally the office staff, rather they are willing or not, to a victory and increase school spirit.” 


Close on their heels were latecomers to the battle the special education department, Andrew Franca,  Nicole Mayo, Tammie Moore, and Gina Mageean. They were asked to join the battles yesterday and had little time to prepare, but gave an outstanding performance. 


“I really wish that I had been asked to participate in the lip sync battle before yesterday,” Mayo said. “But I was still super excited to rock out!”


Science teacher Mr. Bernard and math teacher Mr. Parker won the battle lip-syncing to “Istanbul Not Constantinople,” by They Might Be Giants.


Mr. Bernard, Athletic Director said, “I love doing stuff like this because school is fun…..and I like crushing the office staff’s dreams” 


Having been robbed of the victory last year, the office personnel gave it their all to claim victory this year but was once again ousted from a victory they felt should be theirs.  


After the lip-sync battles were over, the football team battled it out in a volleyball game versing the cross country team. Football took the win and therefore had to face off against HHS’s very own girl’s volleyball team. 


Up next in the rally was a tug of war. This game came with a huge upset when the freshmen beat the sophomores causing the entire gym to get to their feet in dismay. 


“The rally was pretty fun.  I personally enjoyed it,” said Jamie Jimenez, junior. “The volleyball games were really exciting.  I was really surprised when the freshmen beat the juniors in the tug of war match.” 


Overall, the first rally of the year seemed to be a success with students cheering and excited as they left the gym.