Bell Schedule Change


Leonel Ruiz, Staff Writer

On September 3, 2019, Hughson High School created a new bell schedule for the first time in decades. This was a small but big change for both teachers and students.


Prior to the change in the bell schedule, the periods alternated between 45 and 50 minute periods. This inconsistency in the time spent in each class created an uneven learning environment giving periods one, two, five, and seven 900 more educational minutes than periods three, four, and six.


“It’s better [now] because, in the past, some students got less minutes to learn the material and work on things. Unfortunately, by the end of the year, it really added up–to their detriment,”  English teacher Robert Schiffmann explained. 


But now that the schedules have changed, it benefits the teachers in the way that all their classes have the same amount of time: 47 minutes. 


When asked on his opinion regarding the change, Mr. Lighthall replied, “I like the new bell schedule because it makes the periods even in regards to instructional minutes.”