Helen’s Help


Helen Husky , Staff Writer

Dear Helen, 

My favorite sport is basketball, and I really want to try out for the team but I feel like I won’t make the cut. I feel like I’m too short and not that fast. I’m just worried about everything overall because what if it doesn’t go as planned and go how I want it to. Any suggestions that I can do or any advice I can have would be appreciated?

Afraid I Might Bounce 


Dear Bounce,

I think that no matter what the circumstances are you should still continue to work hard and reach for those goals of yours. Put your mind to it, work extra hard if you have to!  At the end of the day, there’s only one person who is going to make that goal achievable and that’s you. My advice to you would be to work hard, don’t give up, and don’t think the worst of it.  Even you don’t make the team as a player, you can still be a part of the team in other ways – talk to the coach if it comes to that.