Mrs. Newsome Named Homecoming Grand Marshal

Noelia Lopez

Harley Husky and Mercedes Padilla, Staff Writer and Senior Editor

For this year’s homecoming celebration, Mrs. Newsome has been chosen to be the 2019 Homecoming Grand Marshal.


Mrs. Newsome was surprised on the morning of Tuesday, October 8th when students and some staff approached her with a poster inspired by her favorite movie, Coco, that stated in Spanish, “Seras Nuestro Grand Marshall?”


The Grand Marshal is responsible to lead the parade and is considered to be a true hero and role model of the community. 


“Mrs. Newsome was chosen by the leadership class because of her hard work and dedication to our school and students,” said leadership teacher Kaci Brazil. “Everyone said how much they love her and her success story of how she became a teacher at Hughson High.” 


Four classes of students were in attendance for the presentation asking Mrs. Newsome to be the Grand Marshal.  The presentation included the playing of the song, “Un Poco Loco,” the throwing of yellowing rose petals on her classroom floor, the presentation of the Coco inspired poster and the asking of Mrs. Newsome to be the Marshal in Spanish. 


“Mrs. Newsome was chosen as our 2019 Fall Homecoming Grand Marshall for her dedication to the students, school, and community over the past decade,” senior Delaney Serpa explained. “She never fails to encourage students to follow their dreams every day. We are so lucky to have her as a teacher, mentor, and advisor that dedicates herself to various activities such as Las Posadas, HYLC and volunteering wherever she is needed. We are so thankful for everything she has done for our school and community and grateful we can honor all her dedication this homecoming.”


Mrs. Newsome was also chosen as September’s teacher of the month.  She was chosen by colleague and August teacher of the month Keith Bullock to receive this honor because she embodied the true qualities of an effective, inspiring, and hard-working teacher. 


“As a previous member of HYLC, Mrs. Newsome was a very important figure in my high school career,” said former graduate Emily Jimenez. “She was not only my mentor but also acted as an encouraging force that pushed me to be proud of my heritage, allowing me to grow a deep pride in who I am as a Chicana. I knew I could always come to her with any questions or concerns I had, regardless of whether or not they had to do with her area of expertise.”


Mrs. Newsome’s mentoring of students has always had a profound impact on her students and has made her a continued legacy even after they graduate. 


Another former graduate, Arisvey Ramos added, “During my time at Hughson High School, I had the honor of having Mrs. Newsome not only as an adviser but most importantly, as my role model. She will be there for you no matter the situation you find yourself in. She has taught me plenty in the four years that I attended high school and I can’t thank her enough for all the wisdom and advice that she has provided me with. From learning to appreciate my heritage and background to realizing that the only way to success is to “never give up” or “nunca te rindas.” I just know that she is doing a great job of leading us all.”