Japanese Student Exchange A Success

Alex Pearson, Staff Writer

Last week, the Kyoto High School Japanese Exchange program proved its success once again at Hughson High School.  For over six years, Hughson High has hosted the Kyoto High exchange program, forming lasting friendships among both Japanese and American students.


“Hosting the Japanese students was very fun, and I would love to host again. I loved showing them around and teaching them about America,” said senior host Giana Martella.


Many of the families spend the five days that the Kyoto students are here taking them to local attractions such as Dell’Osso Family Farm, Columbia State Park, Yosemite, Rockin’ Jump, and bowling.  However, a favorite activity of the Japanese students visiting is to go shopping for American clothes.


“I asked them what did they want to do here in American and the first thing they said was shop,” explained Assistant Principal Marnie Smith. “So we went to the outlet mall and one of the students bought a pair of Nikes for $100.00 or 10,000 yen in his country.”


For the students that host, they say that it is one of the best moments they have experienced, and thus they return year after year to host again.


“Hosting Japanese students was very exciting and I would totally recommend everyone to do it. I had so much fun showing her around and taking her places I haven’t even gone to,” stated senior host Reine Sloan.