High School Musical 2 Takes Audiences By Storm

Sadie Padilla, Staff Writer

This past week, the Hughson High School drama classes performed a collective seven performances of High School Musical in the high school theater. Audiences were captivated by the drama department’s reproduction of the iconic film, which allowed students to showcase their musical talent by entertaining their peers as well as elementary students. 


Although the set was decorated simply, the singing and dancing moved the story along quickly and kept interest high. Drama class performers maintained high energy, earning cheers and applause from the audience. 


Overall, the performances were memorable experiences for everyone involved.


“Performing was a blast and a lot of fun,” said senior Morgan Babbitt. “It was fun to perform with people I didn’t know, but who quickly became good friends.”


Below is the casting for the play. Photos of play can be found in the slideshow above. 

Cast List 4th Period

Troy Bolton: Seth Boice
Chad Danforth: Billy Wetenkamp
Zeke Baylor: Leonardo Rivera
Jack Scott: Garrett Hicks
Gabriella Montez: Melissa Araiza
Taylor McKessie: Aolanie Rivera
Martha Cox: Jordan Mendez
Kelsi Nielsen: Tori Kelly
Ryan Evans: Tony Woods
Sharpay Evans: Layla Wetenkamp
Blossom: Bailey Veuve
Violet: Abianna Solorzano
Peaches: Elizabeth Garza
Bubbles: Morgan Babbitt
Rosie: Bella Mountain
Fulton: Samatha Holloway
Ms. Darbus: Juliana Vazquez
Lava Springs Pool Boys: Gavin Villarreal, Gilbert LoBue, Luis Yup, David Brussow
Makeover Artists
Dermatologists (2): Hailey Shuayto, Mackenzie Gilbride Tailors(2): Elena Alcala,
Valerie Richardson Hairdressers(2): Camille Haupt, Sofia Alvarado
Redhawks Player: Gavin Villarreal, Gilbert LoBue, Luis Yup, David Brussow
Talent Show Contestants
Billy Flatley (spinning dishes): Caleb Young
Russell Shimshank (accordion): David Brussow
Theresa Templeton (tap dancer): Jenais Estrada
Janey Fire (Norman the puppet): Elizabeth Johannes
Other talent show participants that are warming up for their act:
Cheerleaders: Jenais Estrada, Emillee Watson, Tajanae Sumpter, Celeste Crawford,
Country Club Employees (Humuhumunukunukuapua’a): Owen Gauthier, Anahi Macedo,
Camille Haupt, David Brussow, Emillee Watson, Tajanae Sumpter, Celeste Crawford, Caleb
Additional Wildcats: Camille Haupt, Sofia Alvarado, Mackenzie Gilbride, Elena Alcala, Valerie
Richardson, Hailey Shuayto, Caleb Young

Cast List 5th Period
Troy Bolton: Brian Hill
Chad Danforth: Joseph Powers
Zeke Baylor: Carson Hatch
Jack Scott: Brighton Price
Gabriella Montez: Madison Threet
Taylor McKessie: Megan Rohn
Martha Cox: Jamie Boggs
Kelsi Nielsen: Maryssa Beck
Ryan Evans: Jacob Hanson
Sharpay Evans: Emily Hanson
Blossom: Olivia Kee
Violet: Emily Olsen
Peaches: Riley Scheuber
Bubbles: Anastasia Earnest
Fulton: Zachary Centeno
Ms. Darbus: Emma Hartman
Lava Springs Pool Boys (5): Victor Cortes, George Crayton, Ezekiel Davis, Tyler Lewis, Xavier
Makeover Artists: Madison Brown, Kyla Martinez, Alexis Smalling, Noemy Martinez
Dermatologists (2): Christian Aguiar, Jace Fife
Tailors(2): Isabella Holmes, Mariah Earnest
Hairdressers(2): Jonathon Olsen, Eliot Kee
Valet: Lyle Padilla
Redhawks Player: Logan Applegate
Talent Show Contestants
Billy Flatley (spinning dishes): Emmanuel Alvarado
Rosette Shimshank (accordion): Alexis Ahumada
Theresa Templeton (tap dancer): Marijane Lopez
Janey Fire (Norman the puppet): Kaela Horton
Other talent show participants that are warming up for their act: Miguel Perez,
Stephania Castillo, Emely Herrera
Country Club Employees (Humuhumunukunukuapua’): Jonathan Vasquez, Gisela
Aguilera, Olivia Collins, Alyssa Costilla, Madison Jasso