Hughson FFA Hosts Elementary Pumpkin Day

Anthony Agueda, Guest Writer

Every fall, Hughson FFA members host a hands-on learning event in the Hughson High School Agriculture Department. Over two hundred students from Hughson Elementary School attended this two-day event.

When the children arrived, they were greeted with an introduction from a Hughson FFA member and learned about what tasks they’d complete throughout the seminar. Students began at a table where they colored the life-cycle of a pumpkin and made the paper pumpkin into a headband with their name written across the top. Next, they made their way to the garden where they picked out a pumpkin sprout. Along with their classmates, they excitedly planted the pumpkin sprout. Once the children finished planting, they listened to a story from librarians Heather Bailey and Kathy Davis from the Stanislaus County Library (Hughson Branch). To end the rotation, the class made their way to the pumpkin patch that Hughson FFA members assembled, to pick out a pumpkin that they could take home and decorate.

Hughson FFA President Jonah Beals, who was one of many that took two days off from his busy homecoming week, assisted in Pumpkin Day throughout the duration of the event. When asked why he decided to help, Jonah said “I help with pumpkin day because I love educating the kids about agriculture. Seeing them get excited to plant a pumpkin sprout is amazing!”

The event is applauded year after year for the warmth it brings to the community of Hughson. Hughson FFA would like to issue a special thank you to Daniel Quezada from California Transplants for donating the pumpkin sprouts, and Heather Bailey & Kathy Davis for reading stories throughout the day.