Husky in the Hot Seat — Emily Olsen


Lilly Wheeler, Staff Writer

Lilly Wheeler: Who are you, what do you do? 

Emily Olsen: I’m Emily Olsen, and I’m involved in drama, Sound Investment, art class, LOH and church.


Lilly Wheeler: Do you like to do any sports during your free time or at school? 

Emily Olsen: I compete in XC & Track Field, such pole vault, long jump, sprint and distance.


Lilly Wheeler: How have you liked HHS so far?

Emily Olsen: I love Hughson! It has an amazing environment, with awesome teachers and students, just an all-around great school.


Lilly Wheeler : What are your plans for after HHS?

Emily Olsen: I want to go to a four-year college, possibly outside of CA but on the maybe. And serve a mission for my church.


Lilly Wheeler: Is there any advice that you can give your lower-classmates? 

Emily Olsen:  Get involved. Don’t be afraid to make friends, get into sports and activities, and 

don’t be afraid to try new things.


Lilly Wheeler: What’s your favorite subject in school and why?

Emily Olsen: Drama, because I feel like I can be myself, be with my friends, and have fun.


Lilly Wheeler: What’s your favorite holiday/tradition?

Emily Olsen: Christmas, because I get to be with my family. I just love the season, while doing things like being warm in my blanket while drinking hot cocoa and/or eggnog, and being outside in the cold.


Lilly Wheeler: What’s your dream automobile?

Emily Olsen: I want a Tesla and/or a Challenger, because I want to have a fast car.


Lilly Wheeler: Would you rather run XC or do Track & Field events all your life?

Emily Olsen: I feel like that’s a tough one, because I love them both so much.


Lilly Wheeler : Do you have a tight-knit group of friends?

Emily Olsen: Yes, I do. I’m always with Emily Hanson, Anastasia Earnest, and a lot of other people, because I feel like everyone at this school is my friend.