Hoopscoming Announces Royalty Nominees

Today, students at Hughson High School voted for their Hoopscoming royalty. Two boys and girls from each grade were nominated to continue competing for their respective titles as the Hoopscoming festivities ensue.

The senior Hoopscoming nominees are: Kali Gose, Arely Carrassco, Jaden Turner, and Jonah Beals. 

The junior Hoopscoming nominees are: Bailey Vueve, Dakota Peters, Grant Ecker, and Josh Govett.

The sophomore Hoopscoming nominees are: Devrie Barstow, Sawyer Patten, Xavier Pabon, and Ethan Jones. 

The freshman Hoopscoming nominees are: Olivia Fiveash, Makayla Bleakley, Mathew Lawrence, and Eli Rutherford. 

King and prince winners will be announced January 31, 2020 at the HHS day rally and the queen and princess winners will be announced at the boy’s basketball game that night.