Hoopscoming Week Is A Slam Dunk At Hughson High School

Tonight during the halftime basketball game, senior Bailey Veuve was announced as the 2020 Hoopscoming Queen and Olivia Fiveash was named Junior Varsity Princess.  

“This whole week was such an amazing experience and I am thankful for those who voted for me,” said winner Bailey Veuve. 

This afternoon at the rally, senior Jonah Beals was announced as the 2020 Hoopscoming King and sophomore Ethan Jones was named Hoopscoming Prince.  

“I am actually quite shocked because I am not super popular with my class, but I guess people actually do think of me. My favorite part of the rally was walking with Arely [a senior queen nominee],” said winner Jonah Beals. “It was super fun to do something cool in the beginning and just walk down in front of everyone.”  


At the start of the rally, all of the candidates for Hoopscoming were introduced to the student body and they had a brief biography read as they walked down the “red carpet” walkway.  The senior Hoopscoming nominees were: Kali Gose, Arely Carrassco, Jaden Turner, and Jonah Beals.  The junior Hoopscoming nominees were: Bailey Vueve, Dakota Peters, Grant Ecker, and Josh Govett. The sophomore Hoopscoming nominees were: Devrie Barstow, Sawyer Patten, Xavier Pabon, and Ethan Jones, and the freshman Hoopscoming nominees were: Olivia Fiveash, Makayla Bleakley, and Mathew Lawrence. 


“It [the rally] was really interesting because I liked watching all of the nominees,” stated junior Elizabeth Johannes


After the male royalty were presented with their crowns, representatives from each class then faced off in a game of pop the balloon followed by a game of name the decade of that song. The crowd cheered and encouraged their classmates on as they ran from one portion of the gymnasium to the other to get to the decorated portion of the gym that corresponded with the song the deejay played.


“I thought the rally was pretty cool. I like all of the eras mixed together,” said freshman Sharai Nava. “It was cool to see them all together.”


Each day this week, as a part of the Hoopscoming festivities, students dressed up in accordance with a different theme. Monday’s theme was the 2000s. Tuesday’s theme was Baby vs. Boomer. Wednesday’s theme was Your Future, where students could dress as their future career or wear college logo apparel. Thursday’s theme was Throwback Thursday. Friday’s theme was Class Decades, where seniors dressed for the 60s, juniors dressed for the 80s, sophomores dressed for the 50s, and freshmen dressed for the 90s.

The winners of the best-decorated class section of the gymnasium were: 1st place- juniors, 2nd place- freshmen, 3rd place- seniors, and 4th place- sophomores.