HHS’s Mary Poppins Is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Hughson High School’s drama department wowed audiences February 4th with a “practically perfect in every way” performance of Mary Poppins. The play, performed by fifth-period drama, served as a reward for Renaissance’s January perfect attendance students as well as Renaissance 4.0+ GPA students. 


Over the past couple of months, preparing for the Mary Poppins play has been time-consuming for the students enrolled in the drama class, but students agreed it was so much fun for everyone involved. 


“Although the play is time-consuming, bonding with other students, making new friends, and the singing and dancing makes the play a blast,” explained senior cast member Riley Scheuber. 


The choreography crew, Emily Hanson and Jaime Boggs played a significant role in the play’s development when it came to teaching the dances to the class and getting everyone in the class to participate. The songs and dancing were very enjoyable and throughout the play, the audience never grew bored due to the fact that there were different dances and songs happening at all times. 


 “Choreographing all those fun songs with Emily and then watching them come to life on stage was amazing,” said sophomore Jamie Boggs. “All of the cast did great.”


The stage was host to a constant flux of dancers wearing mile-wide smiles and clothing from the time period of the story. The choreography was executed with plenty of energy, which, paired with the star-quality of the actors and actresses, kept the crowd in a state of full engagement and excitement. The lighting and scenes changed, but the performers’ talent never dwindled. 


“The two casts, both 5th and 4th period, have done an outstanding job of preparing. One of the things we worked on really hard over the years is not waiting to get ready, but getting ready and waiting because in life opportunities go to those who are prepared,” said drama teacher Brad Thompson. “Both casts have done a marvelous job of preparing and having lines memorized, having their parts learned so that we can go into the performance prepared.” 


If you would like to attend the show, fifth-period performs Thursday, February 6th, 2020 at 7:00 P.M. in Hughson High Theaters and fourth-period performs  Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 at 7:00 P.M. in Hughson High Theaters.


5th Period Stars of the Show

Bert: Logan Applegate

George Banks: Brighton Price

Winifred Banks:  Emily Olsen

Michael Banks: Jacob Hanson

Jane Banks: Maryssa Beck


Katie Nana: Olivia Kee

Mrs. Brill: Megan Rohn

Robertson Ay: Jonathon Olsen


Mary Poppins: Riley Scheuber 

Neleus:  Brian Hill

Statues: Tyler Lewis, Joseph Powers

Bird Woman: Kaela Horton

Miss Smythe: Kyla Martinez


Chairman: Carson Hatch

Von Hussler:  Eliot Kee

John Northbrook:  Christian Aguiar

Mrs. Corry: Emily Hanson

Miss Andrew: Emma Hartman


Vagrants, Buskers, and Passersby: 


Kite Flyers: Jamie Boggs, Miguel Perez, Madison Threet

Policeman:  Xavier Pabon

Chimney Sweeps 1-4: Lyle Padilla, Ezekiel Davis, Madison Brown, Alexis Smalling

Chimney Sweeps: Alexis Ahumada, Emmanuel Alvarado, Marijane Lopez, Noemy Martinez, Olivia Kee

Clerks and Customers: Olivia Collins



Messenger: Anastasia Earnest

Park Strollers: Mariah Earnest, Isabella Holmes, Alyssa Costilla, George Crayton, Jonathan Vasquez, Victor Cortes

Honeybees: Gisela Aguilera, Stephania Castillo, Emely Herrera, Jamie Boggs, Mariah Earnest, Isabella Holmes. Madison Jasso, Alexis Ahumada, Marijane Lopez, Noemy Martinez, Olivia Kee, Madison Threet


4th Period Stars of the Show 

Bert:  Anthony Woods

George Banks: David Brussow

Winifred Banks:  Melissa Araiza

Michael Banks: Gilbert LoBue

Jane Banks: Anna Michelle Brown


Katie Nanna: Layla Wetenkamp

Mrs. Brill: Susan (Tori) Kelley

Robertson Ay: Luis Yup


Mary Poppins: Bella Mountain

Neleus: Garret Hicks 

Statues:  Owen Gauthier, Caleb Young

Bird Woman: Jenais Estrada 

Miss Smythe: Abianna Solorzano  


Chairman: William Wetenkamp

Von Hussler: Leonardo Rivera 

John Northbrook: Zachary Centeno 

Mrs. Corry: Samantha Holloway

Miss Andrew:  Camille Haupt


Kite Flyers, Chimney Sweeps, Clerks, Customers, Park Strollers, Vagrants, Buskers, and Passersby: Leonardo Rivera, William Wetenkamp, Emilee Watson, Bailey Veuve, Sophia Alvarado, Celeste Crawford, Elizabeth Garza, Anahi Macedo, Jordan Mendes, Valerie Richardson, Hailey Shuayto, Owen Gauthier, Caleb Young, Luis Yup, Zachary Centeno, Samantha Holloway, Layla Wetenkamp, Abianna Solorzano, Mackenzie Gilbride, Morgan Babbitt, Elizabeth Johannes, Aolanie Rivera


Policeman: Gavin Villarreal

Chimney Sweeps 1-4: Mackenzie Gilbride, Morgan Babbitt, Elizabeth Johannes, Aolanie Rivera

Messenger: Elena Alcala

Honeybees: Bailey Veuve, Emilee Watson