HHS Represented at Model UN

Lilly Wheeler, Staff Writer


Hughson High student Robin Seifkin and friend, Zach Couglin represented the Huskies at this year’s Santa Clara Valley Model United Nations conference in San Jose, CA

Lilly Wheeler: What does Model UN do?

Robin Siefkin: We are a team that debates world issues and answers the hard questions about society and our world’s progression.


Lilly Wheeler: What country did you represent?

Robin Siefkin: Hughson High School represented the Republic of Nepal.


Lilly Wheeler: Where did you guys compete?

Robin Siefkin: We competed at Santa Teresa High School in San Jose. 


Lilly Wheeler: What did you and your team do during the competition?

Robin Siefkin: My partner and I took part in the various debates, and during unmoderated caucuses, we walked around and spoke to our fellow delegates on ideas and eventually formed a team with the United Kingdom and Malaysia to make sure developing countries can successfully transfer into the nuclear age.


Lilly Wheeler: What place did you get for Model UN?

Robin Siefkin: There were four resolutions put forth to solve climate change and the use of nuclear power to help it along, and our resolution, along with the U.K., Egypt, and Malaysia, passed, along with another. So, in a way, we tied for first.


Lilly Wheeler: In your own opinion, can you tell me the difference between Model UN and the actual UN?

Robin Siefkin: The UN has a budget and has an effect on the world’s outcome, unlike Model UN, where we have to rely on non-monetary reasonings. 


Lilly Wheeler: Was the competition a formal gathering, or could you guys dress in regular casual clothes?

Robin Siefkin: There was a strict requirement for looking presentable, and the vast majority of the delegates were in formal attire, mainly suits and dresses.


Lilly Wheeler: What was your favorite thing about Model UN?

Robin Siefkin: My favorite thing about Model UN this year was talking to all of the different delegates and discussing their opinions and our opinions on our topic.


Lilly Wheeler: If you could sum up your time at Model UN this year in only one sentence, what would it be?

Robin Siefkin: I would say that this year’s Model UN was very fun, and that the experience of talking to the other delegates is an experience worth doing.


Lilly Wheeler: What was it like to be working on a team where you can delegate about fictional roles and its stimulations?

Robin Siefkin: It was fun to converse with my partner about our topics, mostly because we had very similar opinions on the issue and similar ideas for solutions, so to build on each other’s thoughts was a very enjoyable experience.