Raise The Woof – Freshmen Conference

Marijane Lopez, Staff Writer

This year’s Freshman Conference took place on Friday, February 7th. The Conference is held every year with the goal of learning ways to perform at your optimal levels. 


The students have tons of fun while being pushed out of their comfort zones and are taught different life skills to help them succeed. They’re also shown different opportunities that are given to them here at Hughson High School and are shown ways to get involved. 


The LOH class puts on this conference and loves getting kids to perform and see what abilities that they have. 


“Seeing all the kids come together makes it all worth it. We had some kids struggling at different activities like the Navy Seals and seeing the students help each other out to overcome what was given to them, and having them build that kind of teamwork relationship with everyone. It was just really neat to see,” explained member of LOH, Jared Muirhead.


The event featured guest speaker Brandon Bair, a former NFL defensive tight end. Students got to learn about his life and get advice from him.


“My favorite workshop of the day would have to be listening to Brandon Bair talk to us about his life,” said freshman Makenah Phillips.




Friendship- Students will be breaking down many aspects of friendships. They will be building your own ideal friend in a creative way by bettering your quality of friendship towards others and recognizing toxic traits in others.


“Woof” of Awareness- An interactive experience where students will have the opportunity to step into other people’s shoes and see what life is like for others. They will dive into poverty awareness within our community while they enjoy different meals.


Mental Wellness- Have you ever experienced anxiety? Have you ever felt stressed? Have you ever felt like you were at rock bottom? This workshop helps students learn ways to cope with these feelings.


Empower YOU- Students will be able to embrace individuality and create their own environment while understanding those around them. This workshop will give you skills such as integrity, compassion, collaboration, positivity, and respect.


Raise your Confidence through the “Woof”- Students will learn about the importance of confidence and how to expand your mindset. This workshop will help with being more positive and challenging yourself.


Escape to Leadership- Students will be trying to escape the room by using your leadership skills. They will have 30 minutes. Will they be able to escape the room?


Woofless Possibilities- Students will be shown a path to better themselves, their high school, and their future career. They will cover what Hughson High School has to offer and how they can get involved. 


Pump up the Pack- Students will get spirited and hype up their team. This includes an obstacle course. You will have to work together with their teammates to achieve a common goal.


The Cookie Crew- Students will be coming together and improving on their team-building skills. These cookies will be donated to the Veterans of Foreign Wars and will be served the following Monday, giving each student a chance to get community service.


Fun “Woof” Food- Students will better their education on nutrition and how fundamentally important it is for their bodies.