March Teacher of the Month — Jack Bland


Mercedes Padilla, Staff Writer and Senior Editor

Hughson High School’s Teacher of the Month award for the month of March has been given to photography and art history teacher Mr. Bland. He was nominated by Mr. Brown, Hughson’s art teacher and football coach. 

Mr. Bland grew up in Merced, California, and his interest in photography began early in his life when he saw a National Geographic magazine. This interest blossomed into a passion that led him to attend San Francisco State University for his undergraduate degree and then on to begin a career as a photojournalist. However, he became “burnt out” at the paper that employed him and decided he would enjoy a career in teaching. Since then, he has received his Master of Education from Teacher College of San Joaquin and has been teaching for thirteen years. 

Mr. Bland is a significant asset at Hughson High School, not only for the well of artistic knowledge and passion he provides but also for the meaningful way he engages his students on a daily basis. His teaching has made a very real impact on the learning environment in his classes and the campus as a whole.

After being asked what he thought of Mr. Bland, Hughson High senior Damian Barrios said, “I think Mr. Bland is one of the most passionate and friendly teachers on campus, he never fails to interact with students and always makes himself available for us.”

All teaching comes with its challenges, though, particularly for those teachers who make the most sincere efforts to help their students succeed. 

This is certainly true for Mr. Bland, who stated, “Creating an all-inclusive environment where EVERY student feels like they belong is my number one priority. That can be very challenging sometimes with the many personalities a teacher will deal with throughout the day.”

However, the greatest efforts also yield the best rewards.

When asked what he found most rewarding about teaching, Mr. Bland revealed, “So much of this job is rewarding.  Providing a creative outlet for my students is probably the most rewarding aspect of my job. I believe I have one of the best jobs in the world.”