For Both Students and Teachers Zoom can be Frustrating


Alexis Sotelo, Staff Reporter

Classes have returned to Hughson High School in a distance learning model where students and teachers alike are having to rely on technology like never before. Classes are almost exclusively offered through Zoom, a virtual meeting program, and due to technical issues it has caused a rocky start to the year.

Virtual learning has its advantages. Students don’t have to wake up early or rush off to school every morning. It also comes with its disadvantages. According to Rebecca Ramirez, a freshman at Hughson High School, “Since school has been online I have had many problems with using zoom. She specifically has had problems with wifi connections. “Doing online school is tough for me because I procrastinate. This is also the very first time I’ve ever used zoom” she said. 

Teachers at Hughson High School are also having some difficulty with Virtual learning. According to Mrs. Newsome, a Spanish 1-3 teacher, “The transition from in-person school to online school has been very difficult and restricting because Spanish requires lots of practice and as a club advisor, I am missing community activities with the young leaders that make up a HYLC.” 

Students and teachers alike want to get back to Hughson High School to see my friends, teachers, and other important staff around campus. Until we return students and teachers will continue to utilize Zoom and day by day becoming better at distance learning. We all may have some problems but we are all learning how to use zoom for remote learning and getting through these hard times safely to return back to school.