Fires Have Created Concern Locally

Hailey Dimter, Christopher Martinez and Tyler Osgood, Staff Reporters

In this time of uncertainty something that is adding stress to communities living in California are the fires going on statewide. As of today there are 45 active fires burning throughout the state.  The fires have affected people in a variety of ways both physical and emotional. 

Mr Lighthall, Hughson High Schools principal, has had experience with wildfires, and says he is trying his best to stay positive. Almost two years ago his family lived in Paradise, California, during the worst fire in the state’s history. The lighthall family, as well as the majority of residents living in Paradise lost everything in the fire.“The fires aren’t really affecting us as we are staying inside and if we were to attend school again we would be mostly inside for our own protection.” Although the dark skies and ash trigger some negative and very emotional memories, his advice in this challenging time is, “Stay positive and be grateful for what’s going right”.

Casey Martin has two children, one attending Hughson High School. She states that she has been trying to keep her family safe and be there for them.  Mrs. Martin said, “With everything going on I try my best to be happy around my kids so they don’t have to worry about the problems that will swallow you whole if you let them”. Although she struggles with challenging daily life choices she never lets it show through her smile that could brighten anyone’s day.

Coming from a Hughson High School freshman perspective, they don’t feel too affected by the fires. Other than the fires spreading, this “shouldn’t really affect someone.” In case the fires started to become a bigger issue than it is, students should have a plan to evacuate. Name of the student said that they would mostly go to another state. Obviously this would affect the students, being away from home and all. The school does not really address the fires. The students go based on what they hear and see. 

 Joseph Anderson, a parent of a Hughson High student expressed what they are concerned about concerning the fire by saying, “Depends. If they have asthma, then, yeah…”