HHS Athletes Patiently Wait


Madison Threet is a Senior and plays softball and volleyball for Hughson High School.

Katelynn Silva, Staff Reporter

As we all know these past couple of months have been full of many different world wide complications. Not only has the Covid-19 pandemic affected everyone in a variety of ways it’s made the sports lovers out there feel a little out of place, not being able to do the things they love. According to Madison Threet a HHS softball and volleyball player she personally misses being able to go out and play games, making fun memories and having something to keep her active. “I do stay fairly active, I go on a run now and again, along with a home workout provided by the coach”. Ms. Threet has been keeping herself active whether it’s the occasional team workouts or the at home runs she’s finding ways to keep herself going. As a HHS senior Threet hopes to be able to participate in this year’s sports seasons. “I’m honestly not sure how this season will turn out with the whole COVID situation, but I have high hopes. FINGERS CROSSED!” Madison hopes to have another great volleyball season along with a full softball season to finish off her high school sports career. “All sports are different and the same, different roles, different wins, different losses but at the end of the day you’re still a part of a team that has your back no matter what. I miss sports completely and can’t wait to get back in the swing of things!”

Garret Hicks, a HHS senior, plays baseball, football and is a wrestler, reflected on what he is missing while the season is on pause. “I really miss the opportunity to compete. I miss seeing all the fans in the stadium on Friday night and hearing the band play. I really miss the lights going down in the gym and that gut wrenching feeling when you first walk out onto the mat and shake your opponent’s hand. I miss being able to represent my school on the field and on the mat”. Garret has been taking part in sports since he was nine-years-old. He puts in hard work and dedication to look good and play well for not only himself but his team, as well as his school. Garret has many different responsibilities such as being a multi-player on the football field, an aggressive outfielder and wrestling in the 195 class reaching to be in the 182s this school year. “During game time I am usually a wreck. I get a bunch of nerves prior to my match and put myself in a bad place mentally. However this past year I’ve been doing a way better job of mentally preparing and it’s helped me tremendously” Garret makes a great point, it’s not always easy for athletes to have the best mindset when it comes down to it, but keeping your head high and focusing on going into your game, match ect. with a good mindset can change the outcome of how you perform. Garret is hoping to play his last year of all three sports as a Hughson High Husky this year. He’s looking forward to playing against Hilmar in all three sports along with attending rally nights, float building and representing his school.