Are Students Able to Understand New Concepts in Distance Learning?


Mrs. Larson guides one of her classes through a Zoom session.

Aamie Bertolosso, Staff Reporter

For some students, it is easy to learn or understand the work that they’re given through distance learning but for others, it is much harder learning this way.

As students are engaged in distance learning, some are happy that they’re able to be home. Some students disagree and wish we were actually in school right now. Either way, students continue to struggle with learning new concepts in their classes. This struggle causes students to need additional help that is offered to them by their teachers. 

I find that students that like a challenge and are willing to work will be successful whether they are in the classroom or not, if the student is used to working hard, it may actually be easier,” Mr. Zylstra, a math teacher at Hughson High, stated.

For the students who prefer learning inside of a classroom, many of them are struggling to learn new concepts in their classes. Kelly Larson, a teacher at Hughson High explained that, “As a teacher it is easier to gauge a student’s comprehension in person because I can see their facial expressions better.”

If students are currently struggling with understanding their online work, there are several resources they have that could help them. Kelly Larson informs the students that, “ I am able to schedule one on one Zoom meetings or answer questions via email as they arise.” 

Mr. Zylstra also has an additional resource that he provides which is, “Beside the zoom classes, students have access to video lessons as well as online notes.”

I regard different resources that students will be able to use when we get back to school Kelly Larson stated, “I think the ability to physically see and hear the teacher and each other in person will be great. They will be able to easily ask questions of me or one another to complete the daily goals.”

Hughson High teachers also have additional advice that they would like to give these students who are struggling. Kelly Larson added, “REACH OUT! Don’t be scared to ask the teacher to explain something again or for extra help on an assignment. Be present and participate.”

Mr.Zylstra’s last words of encouragement were, “Never give up, don’t make excuses, but overcome any obstacles.”