HHS Students Miss Being in School


Tyler Osgood, Staff Reporter

Most people would think that Covid has affected many people, and not in the way of being diagnosed with it, but the stay at home orders, and the six-feet apart. A major role Covid is playing is with online school. Online school has been hard on some students. Kids with straight As are failing some classes and getting lost in class. 

Ben Lighthall says this new reality has been hard for him because he’s not a very organized person. Staying on top of all his assignments and what time his classes are has been hard for him to keep straight. Lighthall claims he would rather go back to regular school than stay on zoom. Ben Lighthall says that he has never been so stressed in his entire life and his grades are dropping because of it. If we had to stay on the computer in order to get to class, Ben states that “I would eventually get the hang of it and could tolerate it”. He thinks if we were about to go back to regular school, everyone would be excited and happy. It has everyone stressed out, and he says that “online school has also affected not only me, but my family”. Ben states his youngest brother, Peter is having trouble focusing, his younger brother Lincoln, is “bored out of his mind”, and his older brother, Joe, is sad he can’t see all of his friends. 

Wyatt Allen states that distance learning has affected him and his brother too. He relates to Lighthall by  mentioning how he is “failing some classes, missing assignments, and getting lost in class” and it also stresses his parents out. “If we stay on the computer”, Wyatt says,  “we would get used to it but still not enjoy it, and would rather go back to regular school”. He thinks if we got an announcement stating that we would be going back to regular school, everyone would be happy and teachers would see a lot of grades go up.

For these two students, and for a lot others, they are definitely ready to go back to school and get used to the way things used to be.