HHS Homecoming: Following Tradition with Social Distancing


Mr. Ellington led the Hughson High School’s socially distanced homecoming parade Friday Oct. 16, 2020.

Christopher Martinez, Staff Reporter

From red cars to colorful jeeps, the parade rocked on. Mr. Ellington led the parade. The event was a success. Everyone was very enthusiastic about the parade and watching their children and friends participating. Covid-19 has made events like this much more complicated than they tend to be. The parents were very glad it happened, so were the students. The parade has helped a bunch for the students, giving them something to be a part of. It was good that they could get out and socialize with other students. It wasn’t much like last year but like what Mrs. Lighthall said, “It was better than nothing!”.

For the floats, the students had decorated wagons. All of them were special and unique. The school had people wear masks for safety and required people to socially distance. I asked students and a parent if they thought that the school took the proper precautions to ensure their safety. Anthony Wood said “Yeah, definitely, I think that it was smart of them to have people wear masks. Especially with all of these people…” When I asked what added excitement to the parade, some said the floats did, and some said that it was being in the parade. 

This year has been a struggle, yes, but it’s nothing we can’t handle. Just be patient with everyone and one day, we may be back in school.