HHS Sports Are Gearing Up for Action


File photo from 2019.

Katelynn Silva, Staff Reporter

As many of us know sports are starting to gear back up for conditioning. Due to Covid the nature of how things are done have changed in many ways and student athletes are not used to them. 

Felicity Still a Hughson high junior volleyball player stated,  “I want things to be back to normal.” She hopes to get out of the grass fields and back to the courts asap to continue her volleyball practice and conditioning.

For many outdoor sports such as softball, golf, football, baseball and cross country things have tended to stay relatively unchanged due to the outdoor nature of those sports and the ability to socially distance with few modifications to the game.   

The past couple of weeks things have gotten a little better for our student athletes but not quite back to normal. According to Coach Brazil, the Hughson High varsity volleyball coach  “Volleyball is not allowed to be indoors. We can only do outdoor conditioning. We are hoping that will change soon.” 

Indoor sports such as volleyball can not  practice inside due to social distancing requirements, and players and coaches are looking forward to being back in the gym. Many coaches are taking extra precautions with keeping their students and athletes safe and healthy. 

We hope to see our sports back soon. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for our student athletes so our seniors can have their senior season and freshman can start their high school athletic career.