Halloween Will Be Different This Year


Photo By Alexis Sotelo

Alexis Sotelo, Staff Reporter

Halloween might look different this year due to the Pandemic. This year some people aren’t going to trick-or-treat, or hand out candy because of the Covid-19 risk.

If you are not going trick-or-treating you could possibly do what Hughson Parent of three, Aurora Sotelo is doing this year. According to Aurora “we are going to have a Halloween party as a household, make food, and listen to music”. She also said that she isn’t too bummed out about not being able to trick or treat this year, she just wants everyone to be safe.

According to Aurora’s daughter Audrina who is 6 years old, “yeah I’m going to be Wednesday from the Adams family.” This year will be different compared to past halloween’s but Audrina is still going to have fun considering, “ We are going to have a halloween party!” with her brother, sister, and parents.

According to Ross Middle School 8th grader, Daniel Sotelo He is planning to go trick-or-treating with a friend then hangout with them at home but is still unsure. He also said that “I don’t really feel that anything’s changed with the holiday because in the past I didn’t really go to the trunk and treat or other town events, I just trick-or-treated in the neighborhood.”

This year a lot has changed and even more is going to change during the holidays because of Covid-19, I think that we just all need to be careful and don’t forget to wear your masks!