Teacher of the Month: Mrs. Mayo


Mrs. McAndrews passes off the Teacher of the Month Award to Mrs. Mayo.

Tyler Osgood, Staff Reporter

Our teacher of the month is the one and only, Mrs. Mayo. She teaches English and guided studies. Mrs. Mayo grew up in Turlock, and her interest in teaching began when she realized that she wanted to teach, but never truly considered it until she reached college.

 Her reason for wanting to teach was the way a teacher she had was interacting with the students and thought to herself that she could do a better job, and began to pursue teaching. 

If she could go back to her teenage self, she would tell her, “ Don’t feel so rushed to grow up! Enjoy those teenage years, because you don’t get to relive them”. 

This outstanding teacher attended Modesto Junior College and CSU Stanislaus. She majored in sociology with a human services concentration. Mrs. Mayo did not enjoy college at first because she felt that her parents were forcing her into it. She took a semester off to work and regroup with herself, and when she came back, she enjoyed it because she wanted to do it. 

When Mrs. Mayo became a teacher, she found that the most challenging part was having a positive impact on all of her students. Mrs. Mayo stated the most rewarding part of teaching is knowing that she helped students reach the “a-ha moment”. 

Mrs. Mayo believes that teachers play a huge role in society because they can become second parents, guiding and inspiring their students while also being confident that the students feel safe talking about their problems and help shape the future generation.