This Year’s Holiday Season will be Different

Alexis Sotelo, Staff Reporter

This year has been very difficult. As the year starts to end we are getting closer to the holidays. Covid has changed everything and the holidays will not be an exception. Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas day and New Years Eve all include people coming together to celebrate, but this year that could be risky.

Many people may feel upset about the holidays this year. According to 23 year old Adela Sotelo  Covid-19 affected her holiday plans. “This year I won’t be able to participate in holiday plans with friends such as going ice skating, watching holiday movies, and driving to see christmas lights and so on. But also I’ll still be able to spend the holidays with my family”  Adela Sotelo says that this year’s holiday celebrations will be limited to her immediate family. 

Syliva Sotelo said “ Covid-19 doesn’t really affect my plans because I stay home with my family”. She also revealed that holiday shopping is “more difficult but Santa has a credit card so he can do some shopping online”. Syliva noted that like Adela she will be staying home with family for the holidays. Lastly She’d like to include “Wear a Mask, wash your hands and stay safe!”

I feel that in a lot of ways everyone is upset about not being able to participate in holiday family parties or activities with friends and family but they are making the most out of the sad times by staying safe, healthy and staying at home. Covid might have changed everything but we can still be positive and get through this together.